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View Diary: People are Getting Tortured in Los Angeles (83 comments)

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  •  The state of the nation (18+ / 0-)

    is strong, mizner. Don't you know that?

    These authorities in the prisons are sick.  No healthy human being would do that to another.  It's long past time that this stopped!  They have to stop covering up for each other.  Their bosses have to fire them and refer them for prosecution!  This can no longer be overlooked.  And this goddamned country has to stop the blame the victim stupidity and cruelty of character.

    And it starts with the police who find any and every reason to stop people on the street, pull them over, gin up reasons to search them, brutalize them when arresting and then charging them with assault.

    And I only see it getting worse.  I see a federal government helping to militarize local police.  I see more and more hype and resources going into security. I see companies making huge amounts of money on faux security, brutality, imprisonment.  All the while whining about how we don't have enough money for aid, education.  All the while letting the corrupt authorities go free, applying a different rule of law to them.

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