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View Diary: Witnessing Revolution #273: Egypt, One Year After Taking Tahrir (16 comments)

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  •  The revolution is not over in Egypt - Jihan Hafiz (2+ / 0-)
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    reporting from Cairo.

    One Year After Egyptian Revolution, Military Dictatorship Lives On [video 9:32]

    January 24, 2012

    JIHAN HAFIZ, CAIRO CORRESPONDENT, TRNN: It's been almost one year since Egyptians overthrew a 30-year dictatorship, but their anger has only intensified. These protesters say repression has only increased under the military junta that replaced Hosni Mubarak last February. The protest is part of a campaign known as Kaazeboon—or liars in Arabic—which seeks to expose crimes committed by state security forces. The Kaazeboon rallies encourage residents to join the fight against the military council. This march eventually culminates in a public screening of videos of abuses (turn on CC for English subtitles) committed by the state, juxtaposed with commentary from the military council denying their crimes.

    UNIDENTIFIED: The Kazeboon project is an awareness project to show people the acts of the military council largely absent from Egyptian state TV. And the majority of Egyptians tune in to this one source. State TV was against the Revolution, and until today is against the revolutionaries. Unfortunately, people listen to what they say.

    HAFIZ: The Kazeboon marches have been attacked and screening locations destroyed by unknown assailants. Protesters say they are pro-government thugs. Women outnumber men at this Kaazeboon gathering. The organizers consider putting off the march to avoid endangering the women. But the women refuse, all of them determined to march.

    CHANTING: Social justice!

    Jihan Hafiz is a superb video journalist who reports from the streets of Cairo.

    Watch full multipart Jihan Hafiz Reporting from Cairo

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