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    Government concedes to Bani Walid demands
    January 25 2012

    Tripoli - Libya recognised a tribal-based local government in the former Gaddafi stronghold of Bani Walid on Wednesday, January 25, 2012, illustrating the power of tribal leaders over the fragile interim government.

    Fighters from the Warfallah tribe - the dominant tribe in Bani Walid and the most populous in Libya - drove out a pro-government militia from the town this week.
    On Monday, armed residents attacked the barracks of the NTC force in the town, killing four fighters by the account of the government militia, and forcing the unit to retreat to beyond the desert city's limits. Eight of the town's residents were also killed, doctors at the hospital said.

    Echoing complaints by residents that the NTC fighters had been harassing people, making arrests and abusing prisoners, the town's elders said on Tuesday they did not want any interference from the Tripoli authorities and dismissed the local NTC council.
    Bani Walid is not alone. Towns and cities across Libya are being run with little reference to central authority. In a number of areas tensions have emerged between groups which were nominally allies in the revolt.

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