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View Diary: Republican establishment REALLY doesn't like Newt Gingrich (252 comments)

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  •  A Romney presidency scares me too (2+ / 0-)
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    tofumagoo, Matt Z

    And the fact that he's a flip-flopper could work to his advantage in the general election, because some people will think he's a moderate even though he (now) espouses extremely conservative policies.  I actually take him at his word in terms of how conservative he is, because if he's elected he has every incentive to cater to the wingnuts in Congress, rather than push them to the center.

    The reasons a Newt presidency scares me more is:

    1. his appallingly overt racism, which will bring more and more races haters out of the closet; and
    2. I think he is capable of blowing up the planet.

    In other words, I think a Romney presidency would be merely terrible, as opposed to a Gingrich presidency, which would be apocalyptic.

    That said, Democrats are going to have to work hard this fall to make sure Obama is re-elected. Like many Democrats, he's disappointed me from time to time along the way, but there is absolutely no question that he's a far far better choice than anyone the Republicans could possibly put forward even if some of the panicky fantasies about a brokered convention come true. Jeb Bush?  His last name is BUSH.  Chris Christie? A loudmouthed bully.  Mitch Daniels? Bush Budget Director. Heckuva job, Mitchie.

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