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View Diary: Daily Kos Elections Morning Digest: Paul Babeu to Paul Gosar: 'Are you insane?' (198 comments)

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    as Sapelcovits pointed out below, its homophobe vs traitor (redistricting) and I would rather go with the traitor then the homophobe. Altmire is much more electable and he is seven years younger so he can hold down the seat for a much longer time. Also, Altmire was first elected in 2006 while Critz was elected in 2010, so altmire would probably have more goodwill. Altmire won his seat by beating an entrenched incumbent and then beat her again by double digits. Critz only won his seat because it was a special election and Burns was a flawed candidate. Had Critz vs Burns round 1, took place in November of 2010 rather then in the special, Burns likely would have been carried by the wave because his flaws that were exposed in the special would likely have been glossed over by the national tidal wave. Electibility is my main reason.

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