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View Diary: Of First Cars and First Loves: Sorry, Nan, this Diary is About my '69 Beetle (114 comments)

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    I'm the daughter of a car nut. In my dreams, someday, as a decrepit oldster (I'm half a century now, and I won't be fulfilling this dream soon), I want either a Karmann Ghia or a VW bus. I grew up in the "roomy" back seat of a Karmann Ghia and carpooling in the nieghbor's VW bus.

    A girl can dream, right?

    I drove a Scirocco during high school (so fun!! but a little tinny). Must have been my dad's replacement for the Karmann Ghia. He replaced the Scirocco with a Mazda RX7, and that really was, hands down, my favorite car, and it was mine for a bit, until I had kids and no room in my life for a 2-seater. It was a sad day when we sold it to a Mazda racer. At least it went out with a bang!

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