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View Diary: Of First Cars and First Loves: Sorry, Nan, this Diary is About my '69 Beetle (114 comments)

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  •  First car was a FIAT 1100 (3+ / 0-)
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    Around 1970, one could pick up a non-running low-end tiny 'foreign' car for $35. I found a FIAT 1100 with a great body with a knocking rod and another for the same price with an awful body but a good engine for . . .  $35. Thanks to the help of a friend, the good engine went into the car with the great body and it was good to go! Jay Leno has one of these and has a test drive video to boot.

    But the next catch was a FIAT 600. THey were a wee bit more expensive but were way cooler. Only 600cc, water cooled with the engine in the back. And quite slow. Top speed was 100kph or 62 mph. After Nixon put us on 55mph after the gas crises it was like the world had slowed down to meet my personal needs!

    Our current crop of cars are too large, too heavy, too luxurious and waste far too much fuel in too much comfort.

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