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View Diary: Of First Cars and First Loves: Sorry, Nan, this Diary is About my '69 Beetle (114 comments)

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  •  I've had 12 (?) vw beetles , etc. (3+ / 0-)
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    shesaid, Keith930, icemilkcoffee

    One was a squareback and two were busses, one of which I own now. It's a 1966 vw westfalia camper and yes, this one IS AN INVESTMENT. I paid $600 for it fifteen years ago and if you look at what they are going for now, I will be very richly rewarded. . .if, of course, I ever sell it. I doubt that will ever happen.

    Air cooled vw's rule. I have several more I intend to own, including a karman ghia and a thing.

    My favorite bug was my first one, a 1960 that I paid $300 for. I ripped the decrepped headliner out and painted a dark blue sky with golden stars. Dammit, I still miss that one.

    •  I had 2 air cool's followed by 3 water cooled VW's (1+ / 0-)
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      I gotta say- the aircooled VW's were fair better engineered than the water cooled ones. The water cooled VW's were plagued all all sorts of electrical problems and cooling problem.
      I remember one time on Click and Clack, they advised a caller to bypass the heater in his VW since the caller lives in balmy Arizona. And then a minute later another caller called in to correct the brothers- he said you absolutely need the heater in hot weather because during the hottest times of the year, you have to drive with the heater ON to help cool the dang engine! And that was absolutely true- I had to do that more than once!

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