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  •  Crazy times with my '64 Bug (0+ / 0-)

    Before the '64 came along, I had a '54 Bug which my grandfather gave me, but I didn't have it for long. Strange beast, that '54, no gas gauge, turn signals that were on flipper arms that popped out of the body behind the doors with a tiny 6 volt light inside each of them, and a tiny rear view window made in a sort of oval shape. The gas tank in the trunk up front had a fill cap covering about a 2 1/2" diameter hole. I guess they designed it that way so you could fill it up with a bucket of gasoline.

    The '64 Bug was a workhorse, I was young and so were my friends who often didn't have cars. They counted on using mine when in need. One time, one of my friends got pregnant and decided she had to get married right away. So, I was enlisted to ferry her and her hubby-to-be up to Reno from the SF Bay Area  to get married. The real issue was that there were going to be 6 of us in the "wedding party", but that didn't stop us at all. Three in the front, three in the back, my girlfriend straddling the gear shifter and sitting on the edges of the two front seats. We made it up there, got my friend married at a drive-thru chapel, and went to our casino motel for her wedding night. Along about midnight my girlfriend and I were awakened by the newlywed bride crying her eyes out because her new hubby had not returned from gambling. It turns out he was not really of good husband stock, but at least she was married when she delivered, and my old '64 Bug played a part in that.

    "11 dimensional chess" is a clever form of using magical thinking to obfuscate the obvious.

    by Zinman on Wed Jan 25, 2012 at 10:23:07 PM PST

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