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  •  Obama need to walk his talk (1+ / 0-)
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    As an Indy who worked for Obama in 2008, I have found him to be all talk, little action.

    Sure he gives an inspirational speech and I realize that the reason he cant get much done is due to Congress (both parties) bur I am seriously disappointed in his lack of leadership on issues like energy, climate change and accountability for the melt down the Bush Cabal deliberately created and profited from.

    I blame Congress, not Obama. I blame Pelosi and Reid for squandering their opp to actually push for change and accountability when they had the chance.

    It was a great speech, no doubt, but at this point empty words with nothing to back them up.

    I feel bad for Obama because Bush & Co set the house on fire before they left and Congressional Dems let him take the rap for their failed leadership and corruption.

    I am beyond sick of this shit. I am voting for O but not for a single incumbent Dem on the ticket besides him this election.

    its time to throw them All out and start over.

    Im voting Green and for Obama.

    The Dems in Congress have lost all my support.

    They are not the solution, just part of the problem.

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