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View Diary: In continuing war on its own credibility, PolitiFact calls accurate Obama jobs statement 'half true' (86 comments)

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    backwards to give cover to the R'thuglican whine-fest known as "the media has a, whah, liberal, whah whah, bias, whah".  They are incapable of presenting anything that openly states that a R'thug lied, or that a Democrat spoke an objectively verifiable truth.  Everything must be presented bi-partisany, in that nothing a R'thug says is ever completely a lie, and nothing a Dem says is ever completely true.
    Rumsfeld: We know where they are, to the north, south, east and somewhat to the west of Baghdad.
    Politifact: Partly untrue, the WMD weren't there, but can we really say that Rummy didn't know that they weren't there?

    Obama: businesses created 3 million jobs.
    Politifact: Partly true.  3 million jobs were created, but why does Obama get to take credit for them and not the magical free-market monkeys? Why didn't Obama give credit to the orgy-of-obstructionism Republicans for creating those jobs?

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