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View Diary: More Proof It's Not Just Abortion They're After (196 comments)

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  •  That's my business, and it doesn't need religion (0+ / 0-)

    anyways.  A good number of rational, non-religious arguments can be made that life begins after conception.  It is an arbitrary legal decision that some make to define life as when the fetus can survive on its own.  I guarantee you, if I left my children alone in the house for a month, they wouldn't survive on their own.

    You have raised good points, namely that we have an un-resolvable conflict, the rights of the unborn child versus the rights of the mother.  This sort of conflict is often encountered in legal settings, and we have to carefully judge which should take precedence.

    I believe that the life of the child takes precedence, because I believe the right to life to be the most fundamental of all human rights.  There is no devaluing of the mother here.  I just don't believe that she has, or ever did have, the right to end the life of her child.

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