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  •  Fortenberry/Lincoln/NE-1 Relationship (2+ / 0-)
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    OldDragon, Alexandra Lynch

    Fortenberry is a puppet for an ultra-rightwing publishing corporation in Lincoln.  They brought him in from Louisiana to run for city council and then for US Rep.  He's got a degree in religion from a Catholic university in Stubenville, OH, and the Catholics in Lincoln are some of the most conservative Catholics in the world.  The Lincoln Dioceese doesn't allow women to read or perform parts of communion ceremonies, OR BE ALTAR GIRLS!  There is a real hate for women extruded by Bishop Fabian Bruskewitz, and Fortenberry is an extension of that. (Did I mention that this Bishop was one of the only Bishops to defy the Catholic Church and not perform any sort of investigation into child molestation by priests?)  These Catholics also whole-heartedly believe that any form of birth control is wrong.  I've had friends with hormonal problems who needed to be on birth control to even things out, have a period, or avoid male secondary sex characteristics...and they've had to hide the pills from their parents (even though one is infertile anyway).  The Catholics in Nebraska, (especially the Lincoln Diocese) are mobilized on this issue.

    Things are changing in Nebraska but rural Catholics and Protestants have a fascination with controlling women and putting up anti-choice billboards.  It is getting better, but it is important to understand that Fortenberry was brought in to fill a need.  These people felt that Stenberg (YES THAT STENBERG! Stenberg v. Carhart!) was not conservative enough.  Lincoln is actually becoming an educated liberal oasis similar to Omaha, but they are bogged down by the adjoining conservatism from the NE-1 District.

    I've left town, but I still have family and friends there. Who is the democrat running in NE-1 this year?  This sounds like a good opportunity for a money bomb.

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