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View Diary: Bittersweet in Education, Competition, and Test Scores (63 comments)

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  •  The tests are supposed to (2+ / 0-)
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    Linda Wood, Geenius at Wrok

    measure students' proficiency in the academic standards.  For example, one of the standards is connotation/denotation, so they'll give students a list of words and ask them which has the least negative connotation.  Another standard literary elements, so they'll give the students a reading passage and ask them to identify the theme.  It's frustrating because as a class, we read literature and I get them excited about it and we discuss possible themes together and THEY GET IT!  Then they take these tests where they're on their own, reading passages they've never seen before, and answering questions that aren't worded in ways they're used to, and, as crazy as this will sound, they struggle.

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