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View Diary: Newt Gingrich unloads on Mitt Romney heading into final Florida primary debate (152 comments)

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  •  if romeny had 10 brain cells and a campaign staff (13+ / 0-)

    that made it out of third grade, he'd simply say:

    "We cannot beat Barack Obama with just republican votes. I'm a conservative. That's a fact but I have something you don't have Newt: appeal to the 40% of Americans who are neither democrat nor republican and that's why if our party puts you up as the nominee it will be a bloodbath and we'll see not only another four years of Obama, but we'll lose the house and the they'll gain the senate. Everybody knows that."

    But he won't. He'll let Newt sidetrack him with the "you were a liberal" issue and he'll spend the entire debate trying to prove he's not a liberal. Or whatever. Which is fine by me.

    I've become re-radicalized. Thanks a lot you bunch of oligarchical fascist sons-of-bitches. But once again, I have no choice. Bring it the fuck on.

    by mdmslle on Thu Jan 26, 2012 at 10:36:17 AM PST

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