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  •  Someone on DKos recently wrote a diary about his (4+ / 0-)

    life-time Republican mother turning Democrat.  As he discussed their political talk over the years, he talked about "nibbling at the edges."  Not trying to tell the person to reject being Republican, but picking any topic, even if small, that they might be open to.  "I know you don't like Obama all that much, but I think this student loan thing was a good idea -- it's really going to help me out."  Etc.

    It seems like your being a veteran provides you with a foothold for that kind of conversation.  Veterans' issues can provide a common ground.

    Republicans who begin to think Obama, or the Democrats in general, are sane on at least a few issues have already begun to move away from total polarization.  This can lead to change over time, if the person actually has interests and values that could mesh with Democratic politics.  And a number of grassroots level Republicans do.  But they've been very effectively propagandized for a long time, and that doesn't allow change to come easily.

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