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View Diary: Meet the Poverty Possum! Alive and Unwell in Wisconsin. (artistic action update) (51 comments)

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  •  That could be! (17+ / 0-)

    Garbled speech, perhaps someone more attuned to memes doing the transcription. From AV Club

    •    It might be time for Republican state legislators to pool their campaign contributions and rent a house on Doty Street where they can safely hold business keggers and discuss their more nefarious schemes. First state Rep. Robin Vos gets a beer dumped on his head, and now state Sen. Michael Ellis has been busted on video talking about how Preble High School in Green Bay isn’t worthy of inclusion in any school voucher program because it’s “a sewer, they’ve got the poverty possum.” Students and teachers didn’t need to know what a “poverty possum” might be in order to take offense, quickly organizing a pep rally celebrating the school and demanding a formal apology from the senator. Had they planned ahead, Ellis could be playing beer pong with his GOP pals instead of planning a trip to the school to awkwardly deliver his mea culpa in person.

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