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View Diary: Outrage fatigue: Or, accepting that the Republicans just are that bad (160 comments)

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  •  The last candidate I donated to was Bill Halter (4+ / 0-)

    in his run for US Senator from Arkansas.  For that, I was called Fucking Retarded by Obama's chief of staff, Rahm Emmanuel, who was nailing down the Democratic establishment in Blanche Lincoln's favor.

    You must realize that if we want a Progressive majority, we have to fight the Democratic Party, paradoxical as it seems.  They certainly know they have to fight us, and they're not above fighting dirty.

    •  Again, I don't care how we do it. (2+ / 0-)
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      Sue B, Ckntfld

      If you think you can do it without supporting the democratic establishment then that's great. Just do it. But don't give yourself any more room for error than you have the President. With that said we should be living in Progressive Utopia in three years since that's a realistic estimate of how long it will take.  I'm glad real progressives don't need money from established parties to run. And luckily they don't need the votes of independent voters. Certainly their representatives never make stupid mistakes and call somebody names for supporting the wrong candidate. But in all seriousness I am all for a successful progressive party. But I only want one that will win. Otherwise we get stuck with Republicans and that is unacceptable.

    •  I didn't realize that Rahm Emanuel (0+ / 0-)

      personally talked to you.

      And while Bill Halter was going to be more progressive than Blanche Lincoln, I don't know that he was going to be as progressive as Barack Obama.

      Yet you praise Bill Halter while saying that you won't vote for Barack Obama.

      That makes it hard for me to take you seriously.

      Barack Obama for President '08

      by v2aggie2 on Sun Jan 29, 2012 at 11:06:10 PM PST

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