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View Diary: Outrage fatigue: Or, accepting that the Republicans just are that bad (160 comments)

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  •  Can't disagree. (1+ / 0-)
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    But you're going to have to live in the same world I've lived in, Marie. You're not entitled to more, despite your self righteousness. You're going to have to pick and stumble you're way through.  You're going to have to choose your battles, and go for the best thing going. You're going to have to make less than perfect decisions based on less than perfect circumstances.

    BTW, are you a parent?  If you are, you'll surely come to understand what I'm saying, on a less than global front.  If you're not, well then, you'll find out what I'm saying is true, in different ways.

    I really eschew the simplicity that says it's white or black.  I have lived too long not to know that most of life occurs in shades of gray.

    •  But just want to make one thing clear, (0+ / 0-)

      I too think torture is evil.  Completely and without caveat.  And, I must note, that Obama called a halt to the tortuous ways of the Bush administration. We have not heard of that going on since Obama laid his hand on the Bible and became our president.

      My previous post was more about learning to bob and weave with realities, stay absolute about certain things, but know that none of us are entitled to a perfect outcome.

      My God, just look at history, and all of those who have suffered so much before us, in ways we can't even imagine. We are not getting out of this world without complaint. To me, more important that we give light and support to the best choices we can.

    •  Sorry -- forgot for a moment there (0+ / 0-)

      that laws, ethics, and morality are situationally applicable -- When Japanese soldiers waterboarded captives, it was torture and their commanding officers were culpable.  When the US does it, it falls into the abyss of the world not being black and white.  

      Your comment exemplifies everything wrong with how the recent US liberal class thinks.  

      •  Wow. My little old comment (0+ / 0-)

        "exemplifies everything wrong with how the the US liberal class thinks?"  That's quite a feat, but I don't think I can take credit as I made quite clear that I thought torture was evil, without any caveats.  Pretty black and white statement, I believe.  

        Your comment exemplifies everything wrong with not reading carefully.

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