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  •  Denialism is a layered strategy. (6+ / 0-)
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    Ashaman, CS11, Chi, James Wells, caul, raincrow

    There is denial of the temperature record, in essence saying that the planet isn't warming at all.
    There are spurious alternative explanations: eg the urban heat island effect.
    There are arguments that the problem is small, and there is no need to spend resources on it: Lomborg and the economist Nordhaus, for example.
    There are attacks on the integrity of the scientists: eg "Climategate," the tedious personal attacks on Michael Mann because of the "hockeystick" reconstruction.
    There is bogus "science," which doesn't stand up to even cursory examination, such as the argument that the warming causes the CO2 increase, not vice versa.
    There is the argument that AGW is a hoax concocted as an evil worldwide plan to raise taxes and bring on socialism.
    There is the argument that higher temperatures will be beneficial.
    And, when cornered, "Al Gore is fat and he lives in a big house."

    •  agree, but this particular layer irks me (5+ / 0-)
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      CS11, Chi, James Wells, caul, Neon Vincent

      Yea, no question that there's lots of layers to refute, and they mostly aren't listening when you do.

      But establishing that warming is a mandatory consequence of greenhouse gas increases actually shuts down most of the bogus evidence arguments from the beginning. Even if we had observed no warming of the planet to date, we'd still know that future warming was coming, purely based on the thermodynamics.

    •  At least 8 layers (2+ / 0-)
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      caul, Neon Vincent

      Eight dogs of denial

      My personal favorite is number 8, which we are starting to see some evidence of.  That's actually a good thing because Dog 2 ("Warming is not happening now") is crumbling extremely fast - the updated gardening zone map adds to the slam dunk.

      1. The climate won't be changed in the future by some paltry human impacts.
      2. Well, the climate sure isn't being changed now.
      3. Even if it's changing, we don't know it's due to emissions
      4. Anyway, who says it's a problem?
      5. It's not possible to make such big changes as you suggest
      6. It's too expensive to change even if it is possible
      7. It's too late now
      8. It's all the climate scientists' fault for not providing a convincing enough case, back in 2011 when there was still time to do something about it.

      We shall not participate in our own destruction.

      by James Wells on Sat Jan 28, 2012 at 10:14:45 AM PST

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