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View Diary: The GOP Running Mate ... Who'll Step Up? (131 comments)

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  •  I have a feeling that the new dynamic (2+ / 0-)
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    mmacdDE, Matt Z

    for picking a potential Veep will also be "minority appeal". I think on some level even the Goopers will realize that having two white guys going after the Black guy will look bad to the general public (even though it'd be a total tent-pitcher to the GOP base) so they'll try to balance out the mayo-on-white factor of Mitt-3P0 Romney or Newt 'Stay-Puft' Gingrich with some sort of 'other'.

    Look for an ethnic minority, so they can play the "see, we're not racist!" card, or a female with proven conservative (ie, religious) chops, with the caveat that someone be chosen who has actually accomplished something.

    Bobby Jindal, maybe... although he never fully recovered from the barber-tie incident... I'm suspecting that maybe Jan Brewer's carefully staged "confrontation" with Obama at the airport may have been an attempt to position herself in the running. She's "tough on migrants" and isn't afraid to confront the Big Scary Black Man.

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