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    I wonder about this.  I mean, on the one hand it's good that the people who screwed over so many will feel some heat and perhaps face some justice.  On the other hand, Obama has just upped the ante; and if he fails to prosecute anyone, the Taibbis of the world, their blind rage at the bankers and their disappointment in Obama will put Romney in the White House and Wall St. right back in charge.

    Anger at Wall St. is a double-edged sword, which is why I've been wary of it from the beginning.  Of course it'd be great to see these bastards perp-walk; but the hole we're in was dug with 350 million shovels.  I don't see what putting someone in jail will do to correct the real intractable problems of an uninformed electorate and a lack of a real education system.  

    I support the President's efforts, but our real problems aren't going to be solved by throwing Wall St. assholes in jail.

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