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  •  Would a Democratic-chosen Court (2+ / 0-)
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    makettle, chase

    be more likely or less likely to uphold the NDAA Act that Obama signed which authorizes Indefinite Detention of American Citizens?

    I ask this, because I'd like to think it would make a difference, but I have a harder and harder time believing it.

    •  agreed (1+ / 0-)
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      This is a game changer for me. It no longer matters if any of us vote now. Citizens no longer matter, our civil liberties have been compromised. Only the corporations matter now, the rest of this is just kabuki. Regardless of who becomes president, we can now be rounded up and disappeared by any Pinochet type president who decides to do so. The SCOTUS agrees with this. It's all over but the shouting, but please people feel free. Continue with your little charade.

      •  Corporations can't vote yet (1+ / 0-)
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        Dave in Northridge

        I get the perspective, but give me a break. People can vote, occupy, protest, make calls, get up in their neighbor's faces and change things. It doesn't happen overnight. I recall hearing a few minor stories in the corporate news this year about certain long-standing dictators being toppled in a few obscure countries.

        Giving up is not a winning strategy to any "game", changed or not. That is a fact.

        •  I will (1+ / 0-)
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          Work for local elections. Don't get me wrong, I want to think differently, but I am not a person of faith, I only know what the past has taught me.  See, this what happens when elected officials continue to ignore the base, or deny the party platform. Color me demoralized and skeptical. I am not alone in this. I work two full time jobs, plus 4 part times just to exist. I am one paycheck  away frum ruin. Our government and media are corporately owned. Ever stood next to the ocean and considered how miniscule you were? If my elected representative doesn't care about my right of Habeas Corpus why should I care if this person is re-elected? Don't try to scare me about Republicans, or the SCOTUS, because the thing that allowed me to challenge my detention by either one, (should R's win), was removed from me by the president I voted for. Do you feel my frustration and sense my despair? Let me say again that I am not alone, I can't be. From my meta to my micro, life is a shit sandwich right now. There are two things that keep me breathing: my family and the hope that it will not always be this bad.

          So, every day that I haven't thrown myself off a cliff is a day I haven't given up. Yeah, that's about right.

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