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View Diary: Gallery Kos Opening: Paintings by asterkitty (215 comments)

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  •  My dear asterkitty, my choices are: (1+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    Sara R

    Vermeer-like painting
    of a modern object,
    jumping out at me,
    is the Orange Bear.

    A Vermeer-like painting
    of classical objects,
    with a fanciful twist,
    is Water Vessels.

    Modern art,
    with bright color
    that jumps out at me,
    and yet,
    due to it's non-object nature,
    relaxes me,
    is Burning #1.

    Those are my choices,
    and I fully intend
    to keep in touch
    with this series,
    and thereby,
    so that I can buy one of them,
    or something like them,
    maybe within a few years.

    I want to decorate my home
    with really eye-catching art.

    I consider myself an artist,
    (my writing is my art),
    and I have a passion
    for the art of others,
    such as yours.

    Thanks for whetting my appetite.

    Thanks again.

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