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View Diary: We can do it! This Tuesday Single Payer vote in CA Senate (54 comments)

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  •  Suggestipon on "How Single payor controls cost" (2+ / 0-)
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    elwior, Shockwave

    On the California OneCare website.  I'm not a CA citizen and not in US so can't call but US citizen and voter and all in for Medicare for All. I see it working every day in Europe.

    One suggestion on the "How Single payer controls costs" on the OneCare website is to say "By eliminate the tax and costs that insurance companies take out of health care.  40% of every health care dollar goes to pay insurance companies who provide no health care. Who make money by not paying for your health care.  It also costs every doctor's office 10% in overhead costs to deal with insurance companies to pay for your health care.  And it is insurance costs that are rising 10% per year not health care or inflation or people's incomes.  With single payer, 3% goes to administration costs, same as Medicare today and 97% will go to your doctor or other health care provider.  Single payer eliminates the insurance company non-health care cost and reduces your doctor's office costs and eliminates the single biggest cost increase in health care costs."

    Didn't think the website pointed out that insurance company costs are the biggest non-health care cost in health care and that they increase the non-health care costs of health care providers.

    •  this info you cite is wrong. Sorry but it (0+ / 0-)

      not true.
      "  And it is insurance costs that are rising 10% per year not health care "

      It is the underlying health care costs that are rising and pushing up the cost of insurance.

      " 40% of every health care dollar goes to pay insurance companies who provide no health care."

      Use your heads. Insurance companies don't even handle vast sums spent on health care. they don't take any % from your copays or deductible amounts or all the health care expenses that aren't covered.

      Until recently Medicare costs have gone up at close to the same pace the costs where the coverage is by private insurance. And another problem us that Medicare loses more to fraud that the private insurers. Prior to Obama the fraud was costing almost 10% of Medicare expenditures.

      And the 3% expenditure for Medicare administration is not complete since a lot of resources from the FBI, DOJ and  the HHS inspectors aren't counted in that 3%.

      You ought to pay attention to what Lopez's office said. He wants to see the effects of Obama care first. You should tell him that single payer won't conflict with Obama Care; it will just make the insurance section unnecessary.

      See, single payer by itself does not affect the costs of the health care. It does not reduce the costs of hospitals, doctors, medical apparatus or drugs. It does not stop or reduce the preventable medical errors that KILL over 200,000 Americans a year.

      It does not affect anything but the financing. It may allow economies by price negotiation but that is very hard to do on a state basis for things like doctors fees or hospital costs.  When Mass developed and passed their plan they made a conscious decision to go for full coverage and work on reducing costs later. That hasn't worked. The mega - brand name hospitals are too politically powerful.

      There is a reason the ACA is so long. It is because it covers a whole lot more than coverage — that is insurance.

      And Obama was working hard for the Public Option. The strategy was clear and set up early. It got torpedoed when Reid insisted on putting it in the Senate Bill where it didn't need to go. It was in the House Bill and would have been in the bill that emerged from conference committee. Instead all the fighting got the two opponents positions set in stone and ran the clock out. Brown won and there went the 60 votes. For the bill to pass after conference you would need the 60 votes.

      I am all for single payer. I worked on it here in NM years ago. Bill Richardson said there is no way we are going to do anything that would exclude insurance companies.

      The only way we will get single payer will be like Canada did it. One province at a time — and a hard fight in almost all of them.  Only one country went directly from a hodge podge to single payer for the country: Taiwan. A tiny nation with a rather unified and directive government. And they are having problems with rising costs now.

      I hope you can pass it but -if- when you do you will need the rest of the ACA to help the real problems with health care, cost and quality, improve.

      If you get a call like that again tell them you would do your best to reduce the calls in return for a meeting with the Senator right away. Even 15 minutes. Do not have more than 2 or 3 people.  But you should be prepared and be succinct and respectful. It would help if you or who ever goes would look at what the ACA covers first. Just use Thomas and read all the section and subsection titles. Emphasize that CA needs both. That  single payer and ACA would work well together.

      That call you got was a tremendous opportunity to get a vote or at least make a friend for next time or for another issue.

      I'm asking you to believe. Not in my ability to bring about real change in Washington ... *I'm asking you to believe in yours.* Barack Obama

      by samddobermann on Sun Jan 29, 2012 at 05:30:41 AM PST

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      •  Kaiser Family Foundation is best fact base. (0+ / 0-)

        Insurance costs account for 40% of health care dollars.  In direct charges, what employer and employee or individual pay, abou 30% of all health care dollars. And in indirect costs, adding 10% in administrative cost for actual health care providers.

        Medicare add just 3% in oveheads costs, maybe 5% for provider admin costs.

        That is the MAIN reason single payer works all over the world. It eliminates the insurance company "tax" on all health care dollars and lowers the costs of health care providers directly.

        So in telling people how Single Payer will control costs, it does it by eliminating the single largest cost, and the fastest increasing cost.

        As for actual health care services costs increase, not so much. Drug costs which should be 20% less and single payer can tell the drug companies US will pay no more than Europe and that will get drug costs down.  Most of the cost increases from actual health care providers are due to things like having to absorb ER costs because people don't have coverage so a double cost to hospitals more and sicker people using the most expensive service and they can't pay for it.  Single payer eliminates this cost directly and indirectly.

        On the website, people need to know the facts. That the single biggest cost, non-health care cost at that, is the 40% tax that insurance industry puts on health care dollars. Single payer eliminates that cost and that is how it controls costs.

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