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  •  I saw the last gasp (7+ / 0-)

    from the honest right, months ago. I make a point to remind everyone of this event, due to the scope of the lie.

    It was when republicans claimed they could read Mrs. Obama's lips, and that she said "All this for a flag?"

    And that was not only mean, not only disgusting, but absurd for every possible reason. And of course, the rightwing knew this.

    Which is why less than a day later, they omitted the fact that no one heard her say anything, that hte only "evidence" was an obscured lip reading, which isnt easy to do in the best circumstance. That part was left out. The video was left out.

    They just started saying she said it.

    It was at that moment, that honesty in the rightwing died. Theres this thing, the "Moral Event Horizon". Its a point where someone does something, so horrible, so vile, that there is no turning back. They have fallen into it, and they cant get out. No matter what they do or say or pretend to believe, they have crossed the moral event horizon.

    And that is where they remain, to this day. And likely, for all of time. Because that is the only place where such behavior can exist without collapsing a movement. The movement is inside the moral event horizon.

    And so shall it remain. Forever. Because there is no coming back from that level of lie. They made their stand, and it was that they didnt care, they just wanted to hate.

    They are there now. They will be there tomorrow, they will be there forever. And they are proud of this.

    Skulls are not supposed to jump around!

    by kamrom on Sat Jan 28, 2012 at 04:07:24 PM PST

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