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  •  Brazil and some non-sense (3+ / 0-)

    I've got a friend who lives outside Rio, and we were talking one night about me visiting. I asked about seeing a real Brazilian Ju-Jitsu dojo and he scoffed, saying that Brazilian Ju-Jitsu was only for rich white kids who wanted to bully other rich white kids or get their asses beat in the barrio. This led to a much longer conversation about social and economic justice in Brazil, and how even the lighter skinned people who were born there, no matter how many generations their families have been Brazilians are still called gringos.

    And now for the non-sense, is anyone playing Skyrim?

    I found it interesting that in the game you're presented with a choice of factions. One wants freedom for their people and to be out from under the oppression of whatever Empire happens to be ruling them. At the same time, the freedom fighters are incredibly racist, wanting their home land to be purged of everyone that isn't them. The Empire, on the other hand, is remarkably cosmopolitan and could care less about your race.

    It is an interesting choice with no clear cut right answer.

    So porch, who would you choose to support?

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