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  •  U.S. children are the property of their (5+ / 0-)

    parents and have no human rights that are legally recognized.  That is why the U.S. has refused to ratify the Convention on the Rights of the Child and why the first thing children are taught in many public schools is that they right to speak, regardless of the content, is non-existent and that they have to seek permission and respond (be responsible) when ordered.  Children from communities where communications are almost exclusively oral and aural find an environment that's focused on visual communication (reading and writing) difficult to adjust to.  It's like moving from the world of sound into the world of silence.
    Instinct-driven people suffer even more.

    Why is isolation in prison perceived to be a heightened form of punishment?  Because most of the people in prison need to communicate orally and verbally to feel human. Being silent is very difficult for someone that's been talking since he was born.

    Reading and writing are useful skills, but entirely artificial.  Which is probably why, despite all our efforts, up to 35% of our adults are functionally illiterate.  That they get their information from radio and TV personalities should not be surprising.  It's the communications medium they understand.

    Btw, wanting "for" ones child is not necessarily consistent with the child's needs.  The Democratic party has a long history of doing "for" people, in contrast to conservatives who want to make people do things, but neither are responsive to people ruling themselves.  Government "by" the people is not pleasing in the sight of authorities; neither are children looking for expertise, rather than rules.

    People to Wall Street: "LET OUR MONEY GO"

    by hannah on Sun Jan 29, 2012 at 04:13:30 AM PST

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