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View Diary: Obama Orders Military-Police Department Joint Exercises in Los Angeles, Other Cities. (40 comments)

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  •  Last I checked, POTUS was still C-In-C. (5+ / 0-)

    As Commander In Chief, he is responsible regardless of whether or not he signs off on every little detail.

    Deploying troops in American cities for the purpose of training for urban warfare is new. It's not like LA can teach the US military about Kabul or other foreign cities in which it expects to be killing people.

    It is training in the US for use in the US. That's the only reason for these kinds of exercises. They are training in LA to use force on the population of LA. They will train in Chicago on how to use force against the people of Chicago.

    More importantly, these exercises are probably intended merely to acclimatize American soldiers to using force against their fellow citizens.

    The Chilean Army did precisely the same thing for almost a year before the coup in 1973.

    •  lol @ CT bullshit n/t (1+ / 0-)
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    •  That is not the claim that was made (0+ / 0-)

      The claim was, that Obama personally authorizd this mission as per his daily routine.

      Yes, in a gerneral sense a leader is responsible for what hapens on his watch. That does not mean he micromanages every soldier's day.

      Training for urban warfare is NOT repeat NOT new. This is just the first time you've heard of it.

      No that qare not taining to fight the people of LA or Chicago. They are training to fight in an urban setting.  Soert of  like the thing the US Army did for 9 years running in Iraq

      You Chile parallel belongs in a comic book..

      •  You can't prove your claim (0+ / 0-)

        Anymore than I can. That's my point.

        It's not a "general sense" in which the CIC is responsible for what happens on his or her watch. It is true in a very specific way. That is what the Chain Of Command is for. So yes, whether he even knew about it before hand is irrelevant. If he doesn't know, that's because Panetta isn't telling him. And it's fair to say SECDEF knows all about this. IF POTUS doesn't want to know about deployments of combat troops in our biggest cities, then it's because he chooses not to know. That is a choice.

        As for training, that is done under circumstances which fit the mission. Ie, the DOD has built entire faux "communities" on their bases with which to train for various environments, including urban warfare. They build sets of towns and urban areas for training in those places. If you can tell me what LA has in common with Kabul or Tehran, please let me know. Simply being a city is not enough.

        Put simply, before Obama requested and received from Congress the power to arrest and imprison Americans with no legal process save a vague accusation, the Chile example would not have crossed my mind. But now that Obama has decided to take that power, all bets are off. People don't take powers, especially unconstitutional ones, they don't intend to use.

        We have the biggest military in the world, with bases in more than 120 countries--spending more than the rest of the planet combined. So why do they feel the need to train in downtown LA, Chicago and so forth? Even more importantly, why is no one even bothering to ask any questions about all this? The answer to that, I would suggest, says more about our society than it does POTUS.

        The fact is, you don't know what they are training for anymore than I do. The difference between us is that merely inquiring about these "training activities" is an affront to you. Thanks for illustrating that point.

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