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  •  Seriously? (1+ / 0-)
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    a mufti in Jerusalem not under their control said something about killing Jews which appears in a hadith

    He made his statement at a Fatah Celecration on PA radio. He also did not merely quote the Hadith:

    The Mufti introduced the Hadith by referring to the “47 years” of Fatah’s and the Palestinian “revolution,” thus placing the Hadith in today’s context. He then added that this is a “reliable Hadith” from the reliable collections and part of accepted Islamic law and belief. After citing the Hadith, the Mufti claimed that Israelis are planting the “Gharqad tree surrounding the [Israeli] settlements and colonies,” thus suggesting that Israel is preparing for when the Muslims fulfill this Hadith and come to kill them. According to the Islamic tradition the Gharqad tree will be the only tree that will not call out to Muslims to kill the Jews hiding behind them. By saying Israelis are already planting Gharqad trees around their cities, the Mufti was explicitly relating the Hadith about the killing of Jews to the current time. He was not merely citing “historical religious writings,” as claimed.

    You also say:

    And a TV show had the mother of the two convicted in the Itamar slayings in which mom called her son a hero and martyr.

    Is it really impossible to understand how official government TV aggrandizing the murder of Jews appears, in Israel's eyes, to debunk the claim by the PA that it is interested in a lasting peace?

    As for the diary, don't you think it reasonable to ask that you not downplay and misrepresent the events?

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    by dhonig on Sun Jan 29, 2012 at 06:27:25 PM PST

    •  The peace process usually deals with what people (1+ / 0-)
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      congregated as governmental bodies have done and will do or not do in the future, not what any of the people who may or may not be subject to that governmental body says. Mothers of prisoners generally like their sons better than others do, and the PA has no control over muftis, but to claim that the words of unrelated persons will be taken into account in peace talks, but only from the PA side and not the Israeli, not a shy group, is peculiar.

    •  Seriously, SQUIRREL! (3+ / 0-)
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      heathlander, David54, Terra Mystica

      every time anyone wants to avoid talking about the real issues, they find some idiot who's said some racist/eliminationist/etc thing and use it to shut down discussion.

      I'm so tired of seeing that on this site.

      The reality is, these two cultures are filled with utter hatred of one another. There will be no peace agreement that changes that. It'll take decades as two fully independent states to change that.

    •  A bit more on the hadith in question from (0+ / 0-)

      Ma'an here which says about the hadith

      The Quran retells the Exodus story of some Jews rebelling against Moses after their deliverance from bondage, and says God punished them by turning them into pigs and apes.
      Anyone around this charged with rebelling against Moses after deliverance from bondage?

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