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  •  LOL. In the case of the help desk, (14+ / 0-)

    "watching" is a technical term. When you open a "discussion" or add to someone else's, you are automatically signed up to receive an email whenever someone adds to the discussion of the issue. Others who are not writing can also sign up for these emails, if they are interested in the issue.

    This signed-up-ness is called "watching". If you look at a help desk discussion and it says "5 people watching", it just means that's how many people are getting an email every time a new comment is added. Obviously, when you first open a ticket, unless you bring a posse with you, there is no one "watching" yet but you until someone else notices it. That's what they meant when they told Kelley the person "watching" was her!

    You can un-sign yourself from these emails if you like, with the "Unsubscribe from updates" button right under the thing that says how many are watching. Oooo, then if you were the only one, zero people could be watching! I wonder what happens then -- if a ticket falls in the forest and no one is watching, does it still make a noise?

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