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View Diary: Teach Your Child How to Survive Being Arrested at School (251 comments)

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  •  I like the letter idea! Also, (0+ / 0-)

    one of the best protections my child had was a daily log (notebook) back and forth with notes and comments between me and the "resource specialist" (case manager/main teacher).  I was kept informed of potential problems, and could offer suggestions (and vice versa).  This was also written in the IEP, to make sure it happened, but it can be done on an informal basis.

    •  Just make sure you write (or copy) the letter (2+ / 0-)
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      Just Saying, Noddy

      every single school year & give to the school & if necessary, a copy to the county superintendent.  

      Sigh, I am not kidding, this is necessary.

      I used notebooks for my own class & so when I became little being's Mama, I did same.  Although it is in the IEP (14 years now), the notebook sometimes gets left at school so a gentle reminder is sometimes needed.

      Another handy thing about the notebooks is the yearly record that one can always go back & reference..or use as a keepsake :)

      After a child died from being in a seclusion room (another county), I wrote this detailed letter outlining everything I could think of that we did not give permission for (including withholding of food/snack) & included rah rah things.  Heh, almost gave the principal heart failure when he read it or so I was told.  Oh well...

      Our child cannot tell us if something happens or if someone uses inappropriate techniques.  So we monitor & advocate.

       That being said, we also strive to be supportive but equal partners with all who work with our child.

      Despite all these safeguards & personally being an advocate at local & state levels for a bazillion years, one year resulted in the need to actually hire an educational/parent advocate (mainly so I would not go ballistic).

       And so it goes.  We've been lucky aside from that one year.  Others not so much.  So I advocate for them.

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