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View Diary: Impeachment redux, just for the hell of it (232 comments)

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  •   Let them. It will turn off independents. (3+ / 0-)
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    Matt Z, IM, Minnesota Deb

    Thanks to gerrymandering, they'll fall back on 'states rights' in the red states and try to maintain 'fortresses' in the strongly red states. Dems, if we prevail this year, and I think we will, should start a 10  year plan of having strong parties in red states, even if they're minority parties and keep the gop playing defensive from now on.
     There's a lot of issues they're on the wrong side of: Post offices are critical institutions throughout rural America, and are an important employer of veterans, esp disabled vets.
    Wind power and solar are taking off, they're promoting solar systems in Home Depots in N. Texas.
    Etc. I could make a long list.

    (nasal twang) " ...and the times they are a'changin'."

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