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  •  This really points out the unbalance (0+ / 0-)

    in our tax system. At the end of this year, after a brutal election swamped in corporate cash, we are going to have another bloodbath concerning the Bush tax cuts. Republicans are going to dig their heels in and hold everything hostage so taxes on the rich don't go up 3%. And if somehow Obama can withstand their blackmailing and lets the taxes go up, we'll all celebrate. But what will we actually be celebrating? That taxes on the slightly rich who actually work for a living went up 3%? Simply letting the Bush tax cuts expire does very little to fix the imbalance in our tax code. Rich people who make their money off capital gains and carried interest will still pay way lower effective tax rates than middle and upper middle class workers. The system is so rigged it will take a complete overhaul to bring any fairness or balance to it and there is zero chance of that happening.

    "As we celebrate mediocrity all the boys upstairs want to see how much you'll pay for what you used to get for free"

    by Tim D M on Tue Jan 31, 2012 at 07:44:50 AM PST

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