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    A few of the comments touch on the fact that the reason this is legal is because laws were literally bought to make it legal.  

    David Kay Johnston has several amazing books that document the special tax loopholes that were inserted into congressional bills in the dead of night.

    Perhaps 99% of Americans think of laws as rigid and fixed, rather like the rules of baseball or football, where changes are made to make the games more competitive not less.

    But congress has been gamed for at least several decades to make the tax game extremely unfair. We've enabled the moneyed class permission to buy the laws as well as perpetuate the imbalance with Citizens United.  Note that I'm an entrepreneur who has nearly been in that class twice before  I could cash out, so I see the clear barriers to entry as well as the massive benefits for crossing those barriers.

    Perhaps the scales will fall from our eyes during this election.

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