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View Diary: UPDATE: Walker's Goons and Facebook Threats: You Signed a Petition, So We Know Where You Live! (318 comments)

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  •  We will grow stronger and better as people. (8+ / 0-)

    I truly believe this: I am a better person for these struggles. I live among a diversity of rich communities,  not just in my little suburban and occupational enclave. I know crazy things about my city and my state. I have met the most wonderful people you could ever hope to sing with and hold signs with and chant with and walk with.

    This is what people don't understand who haven't lived it: there are forces of darkness all around, but the lights shine even brighter.

    Don't give up hope, isewquilts2!  Sewing quilts is about making beauty through community.

    So is our resistance movement.

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