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View Diary: National Lawyers' Guild Condemns Oakland For Police Violence (59 comments)

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  •  jpm, i know you are not the one condoning (0+ / 0-)

    violence - i've read your diaries when i've not read others.

    the "you" i am using is more universal than directed to you and i hope you will forgive me if i appeared to imply that you are the problem here.

    i just posted a long answer to AoT on this - and i agree with you that the real issue is how to stop it now.

    one of the first things that can be done is for people on this blog (NOT you, btw, but others who are very vocal anarchists) to STOP saying that violence is a means to an end and is acceptable!

    as long as there is an audience, there will be actors playing to that audience.

    the same applies to the far right wingnuts who express extreme views - they have an audience that accepts those views as valid.

    we, as a whole, MUST decry ALL violence - from both sides!  we MUST say unequivocally that breaking into  buildings, setting fires, breaking windows, rock throwing are NOT acceptable within the movement and that those who engage in such behavior will be publicly denounced by the movement.

    also, if the intent is to protest and be arrested, then sit the hell down and BE arrested - running and playing "tag" with police officers and trying to break away will only cause the officers to then try to "regain control" by any means possible.

    go in peace and if there is violence, let it ALL come from the other side.

    kettling?  well, sit down and wait.  don't move.  don't speak.  say more in silence than in the screeching, screaming, hysterical yelling of words like "SHAME! SHAME!" or "YOU FUCKING PIG" - that doesn't win support from those watching on the outside world.

    if you want to know how to effectively change the society - go watch the footage of the king marches - the responses to those crowds to overt brutality - they sat and sang and did NOT respond.  responding only gives the police justification for the behavior they engage in.

    is opd out of control?  yes.  is the crowd out of control?  well, SOME of them are!  therein lies the problem.  WHO is going to take control of this message?  who is going to INFLUENCE this movement?

    those who come in peace - and keep on coming until there is not stopping them.

    Is GlowNZ back yet?

    by edrie on Tue Jan 31, 2012 at 10:40:24 PM PST

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