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    The Republicans have moved three times as fast to the right of the median as the Democrats have to the left of it.  I think that's what the writers meant (and you'd especially see this with Keith Poole, one of the interviewed researchers, who has done tons of amazing work on this over the years).  The key word here is "median" and the key thing to remember is that median is a term relative to the sample (e.g. the median of Congress) that can move around on its own -- in this case to the right. So if you take it out of relative terms and put it into absolutes, the Democratic party, overall, has basically stayed put, with leftward movement among progressives at least negated by rightward movement among both Blue Dogs and the party leadership, and the median moving to the right.  

    That's the scale of the problem we have to overcome.  Given past US history, I'd say it's about three or four presidential terms worth of trouble, at least.

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