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View Diary: PolitiFACT openly admits FACTS are not its focus (119 comments)

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  •  What utter crap. They call this a line of reason? (10+ / 0-)

    First off, Polifact claims Obama implicitly credited his administration policies for the job creation.  But did he?  Or did Politifact simply assume that he did?  

    If simply mentioning that the private sector created 2 million jobs in a SOTU address is to be taken as taking implicit credit for this creation, then ANYTHING ANY policitian says in ANY speeck, is automatically "half true".  If Obama said, there were X number of days of sunshine in 2011, then that would be a half truth, simply because he was "implicitly crediting his administration" for the days of sunshine.

    This is not a line of logical reasoning.  If I say there were X number of days of sun in 2011, I am stating a fact.  That fact is either correct or incorrect.  I am not taking credit or assigning blame.  If Obama says 2 million jobs were created by the private sector in 2011, he is doing likewise.  It could just as easily been said that the jobs were created in spite of the administrations policies.

    Politifact overstep its boundaries when they decided to start interpreting what was being said with the supposed overarching message of creidt or blame; a  message that THEY have decided is being made.

    They have completely discredited themselves as an objective source.

    “Tax and Spend” I can understand. I can even understand “Borrow and Spend”. But “Borrow and Give Tax Cuts to Billionaires”? That I have a problem with.

    by LiberalCanuck on Tue Jan 31, 2012 at 09:33:03 AM PST

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