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View Diary: PolitiFACT openly admits FACTS are not its focus (119 comments)

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  •  I think this is stretching the point (1+ / 0-)
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    I have no idea what actual policy PolitiFact is following, but by their stated policy there are two different statements that get two different ratings:

    1) Obama says "Right now it is raining on my lawn." Assuming it is raining on the lawn, this gets a True using their method, not Half-True as you state.

    2) Obama says "Right now it is raining on my lawn, which is caused by my water conservation program initiative."
    Again, assuming it is raining on the lawn but there are no credible experts who can attribute that fact to the presidents initiative, that should get a Half-True award.

    Conversely, if Obama says "Right now it is not raining on my lawn" when in fact most sentient pop-tarts can tell that it IS raining on his lawn, that gets a False rating independent of whether he claims credit for the dryness or not.

    Again, I have no idea what policy they are actually following, but the stated policy seems logically consistent.  

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