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View Diary: Walker "John Doe" Investigation Now Involves RNC Chairman Preibus, Cain Campaign Manager Mark Block (104 comments)

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  •  The context of that email isn't the only crime... (21+ / 0-)

    The criminal complaint shows that Walker used the email address to email Tim Russell informing Russell that, "We cannot afford another story like laptops, no websites, etc...".

    That email address is the Walker campaign address, not the County Executive Address. Also notice that the email was sent Friday, May 14 2010, at 8:46AM - during the county working day.

    What does this mean?

    1) The "We" from above is not the County Executive staff, but the campaign staff.

    2) That Walker sent at least this one email from his campaign account during the county work day.

    3) Since the above exchange was recovered from Rindfleisch's gmail account, it stands to reason that Walker sent his email to Russell's gmail account (with Rindfleisch CCed), completely bypassing the County Executive Office and further reenforcing that this memo was not directed at county employees, but rather the campaign staff.

    4) That Russell (a Walker appointee and county employee) was also receiving county related emails on a non-county address, from a non-county address, during the county work day.

    5) If there are more County Executive pertinent emails sent from Walker's campaign account to other non-county email accounts, that would implicate Walker in doing campaign work on county time (i.e. he'd be in the same boat as Rindfleisch).

    So, Walker communicated County Executive business to county employees using campaign and non-county email accounts, bypassing the county IT system (illegal). He also did this on, what appears to be, county time (also illegal). If there are more emails going to public employees and discussing county business, it would show a quasi-organized effort, sanction at the highest level, endorsing use of private/campaign resources during publicly funded work hours. It should also be noted that, the man in charge of (the domain also hosting Walker's campaign email address)  was non-other-than Mr. Russell...up until he was indited on embezzlement charges.

    You can also see from the criminal report that Walker sent the aforementioned email from his blackberry. In order to get access to the email server on his phone, we would have had to have somebody intimately familiar with the campaign IT infrastructure (most likely Russell) personally set it up for him. Not a big deal, unless that guy was also your Director of Housing, your campaign website owner, and just indicted for embezzlement (not to mention the co-conspirator for child enticement).

    Furthermore, if Walker was in the building, that record would be in the Ceridian Timekeeping system database already in the possession of the DA. At a minimum, any emails received by Russell or Rindfleisch's gmail accounts from Walker's campaign account (or other non-county accounts) would already be in the possession of the DA. Assuming there is more than the single email shown in the complaint, all others could be cross referenced with the Ceridian database to determine if Walker was within the county courthouse. This isn't including any emails in the database that was, in theory, obtained during the search the day prior to the election. Again, any emails from that database could be crossed referenced with the Ceridian system....not to mention any emails to/from other parties who have also received immunity.

    So, at a minimum, in a vacuum, there is one instance of improper use of county time. However, I guess the big picture could be presented such that even a single email (such as the one described above) would constitute tacit consent of Misconduct in Public Office by the County Executive (i.e. my boss does it, so I can do it). Extrapolated out, I guess that could be construed as Conspiracy to Commit Misconduct in Public Office (assuming the minimum amount of parties knew about said email - we only know of three - Walker, Russell, and Rindfleisch).

    I wonder how many emails,, like the one below, they need before they have an open and shut case? Is implicit authorization enough for conspiracy, or would they need the explicit "smoking gun" to have a case?


    •  Now, to be the Devil's advocate... (10+ / 0-)


      Wrt to the email to Russell,

      I can only see the following two scenarios:

      1) Wink told Walker the prior evening of the secret network and that Russell was configuring her and Rindfleisch's laptops to connect to it for political usage. Thus, Walker knows of the network the day the Wink story breaks and then instructs all parties involved to shut it down (informally using the campaign email system). Oddly enough, both Rindfleisch and Russell keep their jobs.

      2) Walker knew Russell had set up the black network and configured Wink's and Rindfleisch's PCs to talk on it (as well as Walker's Blackberry) prior to the news breaking on 14MAY. That is how he knew to contact Russell and inform him to shut the system down. That is also how he knew to CC Rindfleisch on the email. This scenario has Walker knowing and approving of the system prior to word getting out and indicates that only he, Russell, Wink, and Rindfleisch knew about it (assuming there isn't anybody else CCed on that email).

      •  Can you extend this back to 2010? (0+ / 0-)

        I seem to remember that at a touchy moment in the election when it looked like Walker would not be elected, Rindfleisch "found" some 2500 votes that had been "misplaced," allowing the win.

        As I write I question my memory, but would welcome any clarification. My sense is that acts of an illegal kind fit the operating procedure of this organized gang.

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