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  •  That arugula. Huntsman's daughters were on some (16+ / 0-)

    show and host was giving them word association cues. Easy insults associated with all the other candidates to get them to say the names. It worked.
    Then the host  obviously gave cue to name our elitist food eating president.
    The 3 girls all responded with answers like delicious salad, looking perplexed at how that fit the game they were playing.
    What kind of daughters did Huntsman raise who didn't even know the value of arugula  was as a presidential insult?

    Oh but there will be strong and effective attack ads on Obama because they will mix bits of truth with tons of distortions and deception and smears.

    Still not to worry. Captain Kirk endorses Obama, he always wins doesn't he? Flipping through channels I stopped when I saw Shatner's face, he was being interviewed on what turned out to be fox business station. When talk turned to politics the host seemed very happy to fear Shatner would not be voting for Obama. Host said how Obama disappointed a lot of people and Shatner broke in to talk about how he really admired what Obama got done and the job he was doing and would love to vote for him but he is a Canadian citizen.
    He made the fox guy sad
    But if Captain Kirk is for you, who can really be against you?
    Though maybe we need to find out what Dr Who thinks, him being a Time Lord and all.

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