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View Diary: House Republicans order arrest of 'Gasland' filmmaker Josh Fox (108 comments)

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    the police and government are arresting journalist's like crazy on every level. This is not what Democracy looks like. Kiss another freedom goodbye. Seems we really are living in a police state. When 'powerful interests' use our government as an ATM, and the police are nothing but their enforcers, were all potential criminals instead of citizens. Barring journalists from witnessing publics business and the paramilitary police actions is chilling.      

    Surreal to watch this unfolding, and have no one in power willing to speak up or try to stop this shit. Instead we get laws like NDAA, and legislation aimed at silencing the outlets for real information we have left, the net.

    Why aren't our Democratic representatives speaking up instead of flinging whistle blowers in jail, arresting citizen journalists, pushing for censorship on the  net and then to add insult to injury defunding ACORN because a criminal RW thug made a bogus video. And people ask what OWS is about, and ask what do they want?      


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