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  •  And on the corporate sponsorship note... (3+ / 0-)
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    SallyCat, emmasnacker, dlemex

    one of SGK's biggest corporate sponsorships is with Yoplait/General mills, and their yogurt cap promotion. Yes, they have many other corporate sponsorships, but this is one of their most prestigious and long standing.  It's a very good place to begin.

    So here's the link to General Mills to tell them you'll no longer be able to buy Yoplait till either SGK reverses their position on this, or GM breaks their ties with SGK :

    Threatening SGK to cut off your personal donations is good , but stuffing the e-mail box of one of their largest corporate partners with your commitment to no longer buy their SGK tagged products is uber effective.

    SGK made this decision hoping to outlast the loss of all our small donations, but hold on to what really makes them tick and pays their CEO close to a half million a year---corporate sponsorships.

    So please, oh please, start with Yoplait and General Mills. And any other major sponsor anyone knows of.  This is what will cut to the heart of the now right wing SGK organization.

    How dare they politicize breast cancer?

    •  I just sent this email to General Mills (2+ / 0-)
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      dlemex, StellaRay

      As a matter of principle I will stop using all General Mills products until General Mills withdraws all funding from the Susan G. Komen Foundation.  The Komen Foundation's decision to defund breast cancer screening for low-income women through Planned Parenthood is unconscionable.  Supporting Komen is no longer a way to obtain my business or my good will.

      Let the Bush tax cuts expire.

      by Rona on Thu Feb 02, 2012 at 07:05:08 AM PST

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