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  •  Great Diary And Info, Betty, You've Cleared It Up (15+ / 0-)

    For Me.
    I hadn't known that about Nancy Brinker, but I read people pretty well and I think your analysis is probably quite accurate in light of her past. That brings up the question of how best we achieve this:

    let's focus on what is best for breast cancer patients.
    It looks to me as though we can best help cancer patients by exposing this reality:
    It's how they've always done things, they're just being more transparent than they have in the past. And as an organization that seldom screws up and who hires some of the best political and marketing consultants in the country, they must think they have a chance at succeeding.
    And we can expose them by answering this question and naming their names and involvment. Sunlight is still the best disinfectant.
    Who's behind them, besides the GOP? Corporations, pharma companies, and probably a lot of very influential hospital and health care associations.
    I've lost several women very near and dear to me to breast cancer, including my baby sister, Dr. Gloria Waite. I will gladly help politically and professionally crucify any so-called human who we can prove is doing what you suspect Nancy Brinker of. I would be glad to help anyone who starts a research group to verify your suspicions.

    Rakoff for president! "An application of judicial power that does not rest on facts is worse than mindless, it is inherently dangerous.."

    by davidincleveland on Wed Feb 01, 2012 at 08:27:18 PM PST

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