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    this january in the US was particularly unusual. Not every month after each other is that unusual, otherwise catastrope would be already upon us. The other data covers an entire decade, where there are a lot more normal months mixed in. So in fact, for climate purposes, the other ratio (2:1) is more significant. Its lopsidedness is the more important indicator that yes, climate is indeed warming. The first one is more of the "event" category, also an indicator, but not without context.

    •  That's true. But please note that I didn't... (5+ / 0-)

      claim that January was because of climate change; I said "This is what climate change looks like". By that, I meant lopsided ratios of warm temperatures to cool temperatures.

      So far, at least, this decade is starting out on where the 2000s left off. That is, in addition to this past January's lopsided heat records, last year saw a total of 26,665 record daily highs set or broken against a total of 9,662 record daily lows. That ratio was 2.76:1. And that, mind you, was during a La Nina year.

      2013 should be a LOT of fun... :-\

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        elwior, NoMoreLies

        no criticism was intended, just explanation as far as I could, to an apparently honest question.

        you do good work here and on the WU. I also greatly admire Jeff Masters who´s unflinchingly confronting his partially unwilling readers with the facts as they are about global warming.

        Its unfortunate that we have to rely on public individuals like that to educate the people nowadays. This is what the job of politicians would be if they took their responsibility serious, but apparently thats not the case anymore.

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