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  •  Great diary. Focus people on THEIR future. (0+ / 0-)

    Great diary highlighting the National Climatic Data Center.
    Can't image that surviving a Newt or Romney presidency or GOP Congress.

    Key to rallying voters to support climate change/energy use legislation is getting them to focus on the real change they see now and what that change will look like when their kids go from 5 to 25.  On what the trends look like grounded in what they see today.

    Climatic Data Center does a good job of both.  Pulling together the science, telling them what they are seeing and experiencing now and projecting what it means for their future.

    •  If the GOP had its way... (0+ / 0-)

      ...the NCDC as we know it, just like the EPA, the FDA, the SEC, and any other entity they see as anathema to corporatism--would vanish overnight, to be replaced by for-profit businesses that were wholly-owned subsidiaries of the largest player in their respective industry.

      It's enough to make a person ill. It really is...

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