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View Diary: Komen Foundation official deletes evidence of anti-choice bias from Twitter (92 comments)

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    Sign the petition (link above).

    Send another comment to SGK in Texas.

    Locate your SGK local chapter (conveniently from SGK site), and send them the same message.

    Remember where you "saw Pink" and send those sponsors a comment as well.  I'm starting today with KitchenAid (pink mixers), and thanks to seeing a sponsored ad on the SGK main website, New Balance shoes as well. Keep a copy of your sponsor comment on your hard drive so you can zap out a complaint every time you see Pink, again. (Let's start a list of erstwhile Pink-sponsors so we can be thorough in our complaints.)

    Oh,  and if you can, send a contribution to Planned Parenthood while you're at it.

    There's something about this particular decision (SGK decision to deny the grant to PP) that has crossed a boundary with me.  I am old enough to remember the time before Roe v. Wade.  I,  fortunately,  never neeeded abortion services, but one of the reasons I didn't was that I had access to, and used, PP reproductive health services at a time when that kind of care wasn't easily accessible to a poor, young, college student.  Forty- five years later I still remember the  respectful, high-quality, self-empowering health care I got at PP.


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