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View Diary: Wisconsin Recall: Shooting the Moon (29 comments)

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  •  Would I take back the message Wisconsinites (1+ / 0-)
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    sent America if I would get back my right to collectively bargain?  Honestly, the answer is "no"!

    "Eyes" and minded have been "opened"! So many more SEE the real fight, now.  Wisconsin was the test case...the blueprint for the rest of America because THEY thought they had paved the way soooo well!  

    Pissed-off badgers are not easily cowered.  Wisconsinites, who ReTHUGs underestimated, fought back and regrouped to be able to fight even harder than before.  People power has accomplished the improbable and many previously non-political people have engaged entrenched power and won.  

    Fighting back and not "taking" it is transformative...I had no idea but do now.

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