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View Diary: So will Komen cut off Penn State? (9 comments)

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    Which of course was not a pretext to single out one organization.

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      I get the latter, even though everybody's fired, dead, or both, but either one wouldnt affect the medical center at all, which isnt even in State College.

      Of course the SGK thing was a pretext, but why not pick on Ohio State?  Sex sells and tearing down idols sells.  No doubt there are some people who think that Paterno's sins of omission mean that Komen shouldnt give to the medical center because what about the children?  I'm outraged by their relative lack of outrage about things at have nothing to do with them, myself.  So, bad example?

      It's not a pretext because it's inconsistently applied, it's a pretext because it's inconsistently applied by Karen Handel.

      By the way, since football got brought up, what are the odds the NFL continues to support Komen?  Between the conservstive fanbase, the locker room preachers, and Gooddell's ego, 100%?

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      by Loge on Thu Feb 02, 2012 at 04:02:34 PM PST

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